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James Sutherland update on the MOU

July 27, 2017

James Sutherland addressed media in Melbourne today, to provide an update on the current MOU impasse.

Audio from the opportunity is available here.

Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers’ Association have not yet been able to reach agreement on a number of important issues in negotiations over a new MOU.

These issues need to be resolved and certainty restored as soon as possible in the interests of the fans and all stakeholders (including players). In order to resolve the situation, CA has today proposed the following process to the ACA: 

1. That CA and the ACA engage in intensive period of negotiation over the next few days in a final effort to reach sufficient agreement on the fundamental issues that would allow a HOA to be executed by early next week.

2. If that proves unachievable, CA proposes that the parties agree to take the outstanding issues to arbitration. CA would accept any outcome determined by that process in order to get the game back on track and the players back under contract.

3. Under this proposal, players would be re-contracted at the commencement of arbitration and remain contracted until the final MOU can be signed.

4. Any dispute issues that arise after the initial arbitration that are not able to be resolved by negotiation after a certain time period would also be arbitrated to ensure that the full MOU can be signed by an agreed target date. 

In the absence of a negotiated agreement, an arbitration process would appear to be the only option available to the parties that would provide a certain end point to the dispute and restore certainty to the game. This now needs to be achieved as expeditiously as possible.