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Grassroots cricket service transformation

October 13, 2016

$1.8 million will be invested each year over the next five years as part of the Grassroots Cricket Service Transformation //


Cricket is far more than the first day of a Test match, or 80,000 fans at a Big Bash game.

It is hundreds of thousands of Australians – like you - playing the game right across the country.


We know you love the game, and we do too. 


So Cricket Australia has decided to invest $1.8 million each year over the next five years to do just that.


We’re calling it the Grassroots Cricket Service Transformation.


We undertook an Australia wide 10-week study to find new and innovative ways to help you better enjoy your cricket.


The team conducted more than 65 one-on-one interviews, six workshops, and spent six hours observing and discussing cricket with families and players at cricket matches and training across Brisbane and Melbourne.


There was even one mega workshop with 130 under-15 junior boys.


Our digital technologies are already being rolled out: there is a new version of the Scorer app for iPad and Android Tablet now available, and we plan to add messaging capability to the MyCricket app by Christmas.


So you can talk with your teammates and coach, all through the one application.


We will keep you informed as we develop further improvements. It is all about making cricket a sport for all Australians.


If you have further suggestions on how any of the MyCricket products can be improved, we want to hear from you.


Visit to submit your ideas and vote on features you’d like to see implemented.