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Australia U19s participate in Cricket Cares activity

April 18, 2018

Australian players were involved in a Cricket Cares activity in South Africa // Three2Six

By Dylan Carmody

While the Australia Under 19s squad is making an impact on the field, it is also off the field where the players are experiencing some key life lessons. 

Currently in South Africa for the first ever women’s under-19 tour in Australian cricket history, the squad members visited Sacred Heart College in the centre of Johannesburg as a part of Cricket Australia’s Cricket Cares program.

The college is a Catholic private school presiding in an area that sees half of its residents live in wealth, and the other half in poverty - including undocumented migrants from countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Zimbabwe, some of whom are escaping conflict.

Until their documentation is processed, the children of these migrants are unable to go to school.

The Three 2 Six program offers literacy, numeracy and life skill classes from 3pm to 6pm, as well as holiday programs.

The program has many Australian volunteers, with a purchase of a mobile libraries to help other schools in the impoverished area being supported by the Australian High Commission in South Africa.

The Three 2 Six program ends at the sixth grade, helping transition the children into high schools and ensuring that they at least have one full year of schooling behind them.  

The team visited the college, and interacted with the children as they learnt about the program and what its mission values are.   

Members of the touring party also visited a girls' high school in Soweto, which was adopted by the Australia South Africa Alumni Association (ASAAA). 

The alumni were all recipients of Australian Government scholarships, known as Australia Awards, and all spent time studying in Australia.   

The association was founded in 2016 to conduct community development activities, and the association has adopted two girls high schools in Soweto, where they conduct mentoring programs, and take the students to career days and university open days, that they would otherwise not have the chance to do so.   

The Australian High Commission in South Africa has helped fund the ASAAA through the Direct Aid program, and members of the touring squad visited the college where they interacted with the students.  

Australia currently sits atop of the table after two games, having claimed wins against South Africa and England. Australia will next take on England again in a 50-over clash on 17 April.