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Sports Science

Information about Cricket Australia’s Sport Science Sport Medicine (SSSM) Unit is administered from the National Cricket Centre in Brisbane.

The Bupa National Cricket Centre
The Bupa National Cricket Centre

Sport Science and Medicine

Cricket Australia’s Sport Science Sport Medicine (SSSM) Unit is based at the Bupa National Cricket Centre (BNCC) in Brisbane. The SSSM unit headed by Cricket Australia’s SSSM manager and includes sports doctors, sports physiotherapists, strength & conditioners, sports dietitians, sports psychologists, biomechanists and sports scientists. It operates to ensure the highest level of SSSM services are delivered across Australian Cricket.

The aim is to deliver one of Cricket Australia’s key goals, of being the number one team in world cricket, in both the male and female programs by helping with players’ physical and mental preparation, reducing injury rates; and driving cutting edge cricket specific research. The State and Territory Cricket Associations and the Australian academic sector are key partners in the SSSM program.

See the full 2016-17 Injury Report here.


Athlete Servicing

SSSM staff are responsible for the physical and mental preparation of Australian cricket male and female players at all levels of cricket, starting with underage programs all the way up to the national teams. The SSSM staff typically have specialised qualifications and expertise working with elite athletes. Many of them have post graduate qualifications such as Masters or PhD in sport or cricket related areas.


Research and Innovation

At the elite level, very little separates the top players and teams, so research and innovation are important in gaining a competitive advantage over opposing teams. Cricket Australia is a leader in Cricket related research and innovation with a long history of high quality cricket related research.

Central to the research is Cricket Australia’s data housing website, the Athlete Management System (AMS). The AMS is a central collection point of data, including injury statistics, player workload and wellness information and much more player related information. This data is analysed and important information is used to help improve injury rates, fitness levels and preparation of players.

Cricket Australia also collaborates with some of Australia’s top Universities to develop specialised research areas and supports PhD / Master’s students with their cricket specific research.


Technical development of Australian Cricket High Performance Programs

The strength of Australian Cricket is that it have six strong State Cricket Associations and two Territories that collaborate with goals that are aligned to Cricket Australia’s strategy. The SSSM teams across Australian Cricket meet annually to revise and develop the direction that the SSSM programs as part of the Australian Cricket Performance Program (ACPP). The ACPP is the process that holds every SSSM staff accountable to help drive the Australian Cricket System in one direction.