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Taverners Australia

Taverners Australia is a cricket-focussed charity supporting cricketers with a disability and cricketers from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds improve their lives through sporting participation and inclusion.

Through the Sporting Chance Fund – a joint initiative of Cricket Australia and Taverners Australia – money is raised to support initiatives like the National Cricket Inclusion Championships that see cricketers who are blind or have low vision, deaf or hard of hearing and intellectually disabled compete for their state.

Taverners Australia began with a group of cricket-loving spectators who used to regularly congregate at the Tavern at the Lord’s Cricket Ground in England. Through general conversation they decided they wanted to give those who were young or had a disability a better chance of furthering their love of and involvement in the game of cricket, or sport in general. Thus, the organisation “Taverners” was formed.

Taverners Australia was formed in 1982, at the instigation of devoted Taverner, the now late John Darling. They are a volunteer-run, autonomous organisation that has grown to 13 branches in all States and Territories of Australia, with approximately 2,500 members.

To support the work of the Taverners Australia, or learn more about their work, visit: https://taverners.org.au/