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LBW Trust

The Learning for a Better World (LBW) Trust is working to level the global playing field in education. We draw on the generosity of the Australian cricketing community and general public to provide transformational educational opportunities for young men and women in the developing world. Through education we enable students to thrive and go on to play an important role in shaping the future of their communities.

The LBW Trust partners with reputable, well-established NGOs in developing, cricket-playing nations to enable disadvantaged students to receive a tertiary education. Current projects support over 1500 students in 8 countries; India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Afghanistan and Indonesia. Education empowers and improves lives - directly benefiting the student and their family, and enabling them to become an agent for change.

The LBW Trust fundraises through charitable donations, The LBW Trust Annual Dinner, Batting for Change events and National Backyard Cricket.

National Backyard Cricket is a community event to raise funds to level the global playing field in education. Every dollar raised through National Backyard Cricket will help fund The LBW Trust's education initiatives in cricket playing nations and education initiatives in country libraries across Australia.

You ca support the work of the LBW Trust by registering and hosting your Backyard Cricket Game anytime during summer. Join with your family, friends or colleagues at a local park or beach for a fun game of cricket together.

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