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Australian cricket has a long-standing, proactive approach to integrity management



The establishment of the Cricket Australia Integrity Unit in December 2013 enabled a more focused and coordinated approach to protecting the integrity of the sport in Australia.

This dedicated Integrity Unit is designed to protect Australian cricket from threats of doping, match-fixing and other activities that may undermine the integrity of its competitions and the game of cricket.

The Unit is responsible for overseeing:

  • CA’s anti-corruption program;
  • CA’s anti-doping and illicit substance programs;
  • Player conduct issues; and
  • Salary cap and player contracting issues. 

It liaises with the International Cricket Council and other ICC members to ensure CA is aligned with ICC and best practice codes and policies. The Unit also oversees all disciplinary protocols for domestic cricket. 

Rebecca Murray is the Integrity Manager and Stuart Bailey is the Anti-Corruption and Security Manager, both reporting directly to CA General Counsel and Company Secretary, Christine Harman.

The Unit also works closely with the CA Board’s Audit & Risk Committee and with State and Territory Cricket Association executive and high-performance management teams.

The Unit supports an “integrity culture” that encourages the prevention of incidents across Australian Cricket.

Accordingly, it places a heavy emphasis on compliance education for players and works closely with CA’s education team, the Australian Cricketers’ Association and team-based player development managers to deliver ongoing best practice education programs.

If you see or hear something that that threatens the integrity of the game you should report it to Cricket Australia’s Integrity Unit.

All information shared will assist in identifying and eliminating the threats to the integrity of cricket.

There are a number of ways you can confidentially report integrity matters, including:

  • Anonymously to the specialists at our Integrity partner, Core Integrity which can be done:
    - Via the Cricket Integrity Hotline - 1300 FAIR GAME (1300 3247 4263)
    - Email:
    - Online at
    - Or by using the below QR Code:

  • Alternatively, can contact the Cricket Australia Integrity Unit directly via email at