Disability | Cricket Australia

Diversity and Inclusion


Committed to creating a safe environment for people with a disability in all areas and levels of the game.

Cricket Australia are committed to using education to create a safe environment for people with a disability to watch and play cricket. Through partnerships with Inclusion Solutions, Deaf Sport Australia, Deaf Cricket Australia, Sport Inclusion Australia and Blind Cricket Australia, we are focused on continuing to develop strategies and commit to actions to ensure inclusion and belonging are the first feelings experienced by anyone connecting with the game of cricket for the first time.

National Teams

As the first non-paralympic sport to fully fund our State and National Disability teams, Cricket Australia is committed to not only providing a positive participation experience, but also developing a full pathway for athletes with a disability to represent their State and Country and thrive.

National Cricket Inclusion Championships

Annually in January Cricket Australia hosts the National Cricket Inclusion Championships that brings together State teams across three divisions – Blind and Low Vision, Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Cricketers with an Intellectual Disability.

For more information on the National Cricket Inclusion Championships visit http://www.ncic.cricket.com.au/