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Diversity and Inclusion

A Sport For All

Strengthening clubs and associations, growing participation and building communities through diversity investment, education and programs. 


Find out how to strengthen your club, association and community 

Strengthening Your Club, Association and Community 

A Sport For All is Cricket Australia’s award-winning diversity and inclusion program that’s grown diversity participation by over 79% to record numbers since 2015. 

It drives Australian cricket and helps grow clubs or associations through participant-growing diversity programs, easy-to-use training and education, and access to funding. 

Commonwealth Bank – Supporting Community Cricket 

A 30-year partner of Australian cricket and presenting partner of A Sport For All program, Commonwealth Bank is helping grow the diversity of grassroots cricket. 

Their $5 million per year investment is Australia’s largest ever investment in women’s sport and diversity.   

Through A Sport For All, The Commonwealth Bank are supporting more girls and women, multicultural, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and disability communities get involved in cricket. 

Read more about the Commonwealth Bank’s commitment 

The Objectives of A Sport For All 

  1. Grow the diversity of cricket participation

  2. Identify, promote and support diverse cricketers and off field champions

  3. Educate and advocate for inclusion

How Does A Sport For All Support Your Club or Association? 

By giving you free access to diversity and inclusion funding, education and programs created to:

  • Sustainably grow your participants
  • Fund new programs at your club or association
  • Train new administrators, umpires and coaches 

More players, coaches and administrators. A stronger club and association. A stronger community.  

Discover How To Bring More Players, Coaches And Administrators To Your Club 

Making Cricket A Sport For All 

Designed especially for community cricket, A Sport For All includes: 


Inclusion and Diversity Programs

Free expert tools and training to grow sustainable participation at your club or association.

  • A Sport For All Resource and Training Program
  • Workshops for clubs and associations
  • Digital library of case studies
  • e-learning platform
  • Resources - guide, online survey, action plan
  • Free coaching and umpiring accreditation
  • A Sport For All Community Cricket Awards
  • Community Ambassadors Program
  • Player appearances
  • Brand Ambassadors Program

Women and Girls Programs

The fastest growing segment of Australian cricket. Join 100s of clubs and associations growing rapidly with girls cricket.

  • $6 million Growing Cricket for Girls Initiative
  • Women in Cricket workshops

Multicultural Programs

125 nations play cricket. And our games taps deeply into Australia’s multicultural communities, making it a sport for all backgrounds and nationalities.

  • Affiliation Program supporting community-organised competitions
  • Community activations (festivals, gala dinners, conferences)

Indigenous Programs

Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have ahistoric connection to cricket and now play the game in record numbers.

  • National Indigenous Cricket Championships
  • National Indigenous squads (men and women)
  • Live streaming of National Indigenous Cricket Championships
  • Clontarf and Stars education partnerships
  • Commemoration of historic 1868 Aboriginal team

Disability Programs

Creating grassroots participation programs and giving cricketers with a disability elite playing and training opportunities.

  • National Cricket Inclusion Championships
  • National Disability teams for Deaf, Blind, cricketers with an Intellectual Disability
  • Live streaming of National Cricket Inclusion Championships


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