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Cultural Change

Cricket Australia’s (CA) purpose is to unite and inspire communities through cricket, and all State and Territory Associations have embraced that purpose in a demonstration of unity at the top levels of cricket.

After the events in Cape Town in 2018, and through the renewed leadership of CA, we have quite rightly turned the spotlight onto each and every aspect of CA to ensure positive change is happening both on and off the field.  This ongoing cultural change program has been subsequently informed by The Ethics Centre review which CA commissioned.

This cultural change program is sorted across three categories: Our People, High Performance and Leadership.



Our people and players feeling proud to be part of CA, connecting more and living our desired behaviours


Players making Australians proud and Australian Cricket respecting the important role of domestic competitions and State and Territory Associations  


Making the game stronger by developing our leadership capabilities and structures at the highest levels of cricket and making sure our policies support cricket's strategic objectives


Good progress has been made in a number of areas, including upskilling on becoming a purpose led organisation, overcoming adversity, leadership development and organisational effectiveness and efficiency, the State and Territory CEOs now officially part of the Australian Cricket Leadership Team (ACLT). Also, in season 2018/19 a substantial reduction in code of conduct charges were recorded, which is as a key indicator of the players’ renewed respect for the game and its millions of fans.

We will now be working closely with the State and Territory Associations and the Australian Cricketers’ Association to make sure that positive change is happening across all of Australian Cricket. We hope to emerge stronger after adopting these changes and are excited by what the future holds for the game we all love.

Keep an eye on this section, as we will be updating our progress regularly.




Embedding and/or living up to our desired behaviours

CA has initiated a cultural change program and will now evolve and align it nationally

CA conducted a staff well being survey and are now implementing a range of well being initiatives 

Implemented new forums for all CA staff to ask questions or raise issues directly with CA management, in a safe environment


Helping our people perform more effectively and efficiently

All CA managers will participate in a new management development program 

To build the connection between our people and our leaders, CA has launched a new two-way communication platform 

Increased training provided for CA leadership and players in media and communications

Risk management workshops have been run at CA, to help staff better understand and manage risk



Improvements in player behaviour and management of matches

On field we are now committed to the goal of winning, with the expectation of competing with respect

Improved player behaviour has seen a 74% reduction in code of conduct charges in season 2018/19:

  • 100% decrease in charges from 2017/18 to 2018/19 by
    the Australian Men’s Team;
  • 71% decrease in charges for domestic women’s competitions;
  • 43% decrease in charges for domestic men’s competitions, even with the extended KFC BBL season;
  • 95% decrease in charges at underage national championship level; and
  • zero charges in the Australian Country Cricket Championships and National Indigenous Cricket championships, down from eight the previous season.

National pitch preparation guidelines are in place, allowing for each pitch to display its own character

Male and female CA contracted players collectively played in over 700 days of domestic and premier cricket in season 2018/19  

We've increased focus on the values of our teams as part of the players commitment to make Australians proud


Improvement to operations of domestic and national High Performance

The leadership role of National Vice Captains now focuses on supporting their captain and teammates rather than being the automatic successor to the captain

Giving players a rest on medical grounds but only after talking with the player, medical specialists, team captains and selection chairs

Helping players improve their understanding of what is unacceptable behaviour within the Player Code of Conduct

Reviewed CA’s Team Performance department, with actions including splitting into two functions of Domestic High Performance and National Teams

CA's Board approves the appointment of selectors

National selection policy focuses on the character of players as well as their performance 



Improving our leadership capabilities and structures

Recognising the important role of the State and Territory Associations, their CEOs have been appointed to the ACLT along with CA executives

CA executives, senior managers, national coaches and captains have come together to participate in a new Leadership development program 

We've engaged experts to help us become a purpose led organisation and to develop our leadership and management capability and better manage resilience, well being and fatigue

CA has launched a new Director Induction Program open to State and Territory Associations, with 25 directors recently participating

CA has reshaped its executive team - 75% new to their roles in the last year and more than 40% of team members are women 

CA's Board has expanded the scope of its People & Culture sub committee to include Ethics


Improvements and alignment to organisational policies 

A better balance – gender diversity targets have been set for CA’s Board, leadership and staff 

Cultural measures are reflected in the accountabilities of CA executives and senior managers

Increased focus on addressing any form of bullying at CA

CA improved its Risk Management System to incorporate the behaviour of its people on and off the field

CA has revised its annual leave policy to help staff manage their well being and fatigue