Cricket Australia MOU

Memorandum of Understanding

18 November 2016

Dear players:

Cricket Australia and ACA’s representatives met yesterday to discuss some key aspects of the MOU negotiation.

We are in broad agreement on the next steps, which includes CA making its submission to the ACA and you next month. The ACA has already made its submission to us and we have complimented them on its professionalism and breadth. 

We had some areas of disagreement, which is to be expected. The ACA has requested detailed financial projections. However, CA believes it is premature to do this before we have presented our submission to the ACA. Digging into the detail of the numbers is something we normally do as part of the discussions.

I can assure you that we will provide the ACA and you, the players, with the relevant information that will enable you to consider CA’s MOU offer.

We also disagreed on the involvement of the media. We do not believe this is the right forum for this discussion, and we expect stories only to be sensationalised, much like they have been over the past fortnight. We will continue to discuss the differences in each other’s approach with the ACA.

The ACA has also questioned some aspects of the financial reporting relating to the current MOU. CA is working through these and, again, I can assure you that the current MOU has been properly managed and verified by independent auditors.

CA is committed to working with the ACA in the right spirit to create a new MOU that benefits players and Australian Cricket more broadly. 

We commend the ACA for their positive approach to recent discussions and look forward to providing you all with updates.

Please note that we do not expect to do this for a few weeks so that both national teams and domestic teams can focus on their respective series against South Africa and the Sheffield Shield.


Pat Howard


11 November 2016 

Dear players,


Welcome to the MOU information page on the Cricket Australia website.


Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers’ Association have now begun negotiating a new memorandum of association (MOU), which will take effect from July 2017.


The MOU is the key document that guides your employment as a professional cricketer.


The MOU not only outlines payments to players but also other items such as insurance, professional development, ACA funding and past-player programs, and marketing and sponsorship opportunities.


The MOU has more than 700 pages, which is why we expect it to take us until June to work through all the clauses with the ACA.


Cricket Australia will keep you informed directly on the progress of these discussions.


We will do this via email and this link. This is a confidential page, not intended for the general public or media, but you are welcome to share this information with your key advisers and family members.


You will have received an email from Pat Howard and, if you are a state player, your High Performance Manager. They are available to discuss any of these issues with you personally.


We will follow some key principles in this negotiation:


·       Players are a very important part of the future of cricket;

·       Cricket Australia does not intend to negotiate through the media, and has every expectation that the ACA will honour this principle. This is a professional discussion between an employer and its employees and their representatives, and public argument or posturing does not help us do this in a constructive manner;

·       We will not comment on individual players, either on the amount they might earn or their views on the MOU;

·       Equally, we will respect our commercial partners (broadcasting and sponsors), and not reveal financial information that they legitimately consider confidential.


We look forward to creating an MOU that will ensure the current generation of players are well rewarded for their contribution to the game, we build a sustainable sport for the future, and we maintain cricket as Australia’s favourite sport.