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The Cricket Australia Board has approved and adopted a Strategy for Australian Cricket 2014-2017

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The Cricket Australia Board recently approved and adopted a revised Strategy for Australian Cricket for 2014-2017. As the name suggests, this strategy is not just for Cricket Australia but also for the State and Territory Associations, as it was developed in extensive consultation with these key stakeholders.

Central to this strategy is its vision for cricket in this country: To be Australia's Favourite Sport - A Sport For All Australians. To achieve this vision, the strategy contains both short-term targets and long-term aspirations. In the short-term (by 2017), cricket aims to be number one in the country for:

  • Viewership
  • Fan passion
  • Participation
  • Team success
  • Unified sport

In the longer term, cricket aspires to be number one in the country for:

  • Share of all sports media voice
  • Attendance
  • Investment in the game

Further to this, the plan outlines the following strategic imperatives for Australian cricket over the next four years:

  • Attract more kids, clubs, communities and cricketers to the game.
  • Invest in the right functions, regions and facilities.
  • Work as one team with clear roles to continue increasing the agility, efficiency, performance and unity of Australian Cricket.

The strategy has five pillars that are critical to achieve the vision to be Australia's favourite sport:

  1. Put fans first
  2. Produce the best teams, players, competitions, coaches and officials in the world
  3. Increase participation substantially and inspire the next generation of players, fans and volunteers
  4. Work as one team across Australian Cricket by providing world-class leadership and management to deliver our strategy.
  5. Grow investment and allocate resources to deliver our strategy.