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Diversity and Inclusion

National Community Engagement Framework

The National Community Engagement Framework is Australian Cricket’s vision for ensuring cricket is Australia’s favourite sport – a sport for all Australians.

The National Community Engagement Framework for Game and Market Development comprises of four customised strategies developed to further increase female, multicultural,  Indigenous, and All Abilities involvement.

Cricket Australia will run workshops with grassroots cricket associations across the nation to introduce the A Sport For All resource as part of a continued effort to make every cricket club diverse and inclusive. The resource, as well as a range of organisation wide initiatives are designed to make cricket more welcoming and inclusive at all levels.

Highlights from the recent launch of the Framework can be viewed below:



Below you can download the Framework summary and customised strategies:

Diversity Montage

Download the National Community Engagement Framework.

National Community Engagement Framework

Download the National Female Cricket Strategy.

National Female Cricket Strategy

Download the National Multicultural Cricket Strategy.

National Multicultural Cricket Strategy

Download the National Indigenous Cricket Strategy.

National Indigenous Cricket Strategy

Download the National All Abilities Cricket Strategy. 

National All Abilities Cricket Strategy